“Thank God for dead soldiers”, said Westboro, Kansas fundamentalist Baptist Church members

From Yahoo News:  last Friday a federal court ordered the father of a fallen soldier to pay $16,000 to a Kansas fundamentalist church for the legal fees the church incurred when the father sued it — church members demonstrated at the soldier’s funeral with shouts and placards saying things such as “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and “Thank God for IEDs”, but the Court essentially ruled that the church members were simply exercising their right of Freedom of Speech…  That church and that Court at the very least need lessons in human decency and common sense…



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Politically Courting the American “White Male” by the Obama-Biden Administration

At the White House during the signing of the Health Bill,  Vice President Biden was recorded as having whispered to the President something to the effect that the passage of the bill into law was an  f-ing big deal (the actual “f” word was supposedly uttered) – and when the administration’s Press Secretary sometime later was questioned about the comment, he indicated that the signing affair had been that….

Would not be surprising if the V-P’s comment was made as part of a P.R. ploy to make the President and Vice President appear more like just two “macho dudes” engaging in normal macho chat — public relations people could have calculated that by Biden using street-language loudly enough to be heard, that that publicity would influence real men of the country to accept them as one their own…

According to some polls, a segment of males who do not traditionally vote Democratic,  for various reasons voted for the Obama-Biden ticket in the last presidential election, but, those men are supposedly now trending far away from the administration.

In the basic scenario of this narrative,  it remains to be seen if on the one hand real men are swayed to “return”,… and on the other hand whether other segments of American society in turn will have been offended by the usage of such language at the People’ White House.  If the White House P.R. people possibly were involved in the “f-ing” episode, they are probably hoping the still significant reservoir of goodwill the president seems to enjoy will not have been squandered by the tactic.

University of Texas, Austin Tower will be lit with NO. 1

”                                                          “With apologies to non UT fans, as per tradition, the Texas Tower will be bathed in burnt orange from top to bottom Tuesday night to celebrate the men’s swim team’s national championship.”

Pat Sajak, Host of “Wheel of Fortune”, offers a view on health care Politics

Pat Sajak reportedly contributed his political view to Human Events magazine, decrying in a witty way that if anyone expresses a criticism of the health care bill signed into law recently, immediately they will be criticized by some as  being unthinking “extremists”:   ttp://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=36241

During the current Religious Season, which is distinctive to various Denominations, genuine spiritual as well as mundane Reflection could be Worthwhile

Some people in various countries strenuously express their deepest religious devotions in dress and word, whether in Latin America, the Middle East, or in other regions — but by objective standards, many of the people in these areas are overall the most materially poor in the world.

Could it be, that to many of them, though they do not lack intellect and ability, the crush of everyday life leads them stoically to accept their station in life and to rely on religious teachings that say their rewards surely will come their way in the afterlife…   

Have some religious teachings become pasé, hindering rather than helping certain members of humankind in modern life, and should some teachings to particular groups be de-emphasized and others more emphasized?

Outlaw all Exotic birds, reptiles and mammals as household pets

Parrots are not native to southern California, but daily their shrieks and shrills can be heard in certain neighborhoods, patrolling and diving to their hearts’ content and to the displeasure of some humans… Within the last two years a  few settled in a backyard down the street and the flock has grown.

It can be startling seeing multi bright colored birds in synchronized flight, not in the Amazon but in the densely populated area of greater Los Angeles … http://amazornia.us/home.html

A few years ago an alligator was secretly let loose in a public park in southern California and within a relatively short span of time it had grown to significant size.  It presented a  daily danger to the public, the danger having been created when the owner of the pet let it go “into the wild”…  http://www.usatoday.com/news/offbeat/2007-05-25-gator_N.htm

Some in this country have kept in their homes different kinds of sizable wild cats from other continents, and others have had bears, chimpanzees and more…  Different kinds of imported snakes have been kept as pets and later released into the American wild…  http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/southflorida/news/pythonsgonewild2004.html

The ability to have pets is cherished by many, but having certain pets can cause problems not only to the owners, but to unsuspecting individuals and to society at large.