Anyone for migrating south?

[From an article on Friday March 19, 2010 published in the GUADALAJARA REPORTER English language newspaper]

U.S. Retirees Unfazed by Border Violence

“U.S. retirees are not letting the narco-violence in Mexico’s border cities interfere with their love affair with this country.

According to a new report, only seven percent of U.S. Retirees say that public safety and security concerns have reduced the frequency or duration of their trips to Mexico.

For its study entitled ” U.S. Retirement Trends in Mexcio’s Coastal Communities: Lifestyle Priorities and Demographics,” the International Community Foundation surveyed over 840 American retirees aged over 50 in coastal areas of Mexico .

Neither did the economic downturn seriously affect U.S. retirees already in Mexico. Forty-two percent stated that the recession had no impact on their retirement plans and 34 percent said their quality of life has not been impacted.

The report, the first of five research studies on this topic that will be published by the Foundation, discovered that U.S. retirees in Mexican coastal communities are relatively young and well-educated. Nearly 53 pecent are under 65 years of age . Almost two-thirds have at least a college degree; another 28 percent attended at least one year of college.

Almost 44 percent of Americans residing in Mexican coastal communities were able to live comfortably on less than 1,000 dollars a month for household expenses. This is significantly different from the United States, where in California a senior might need 21,000-27,000 dollars a year.

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