Everyday the number of deaths rises in Mexico, the U.S.A and in other countries due directly or indirectly to the use of street-drugs, and almost everyday some individuals or groups encourage the legalization of these drugs because it is said that their usage does not hurt anybody and therefore there are no victims. The apparent disconnect with ramifications can be not only mind-boggling but disheartening.

 Societies in general and some families specifically are undergoing great stress because of this plague, and all the while (with apologies to our pachyderm friends) some ignore the “elephant in the house” drug problem, or erect “Potemkin Villages” to deceive themselves and others into believing that street-drugs are not problems…

Movements have been afoot for sometime even that if the use of street-drugs are legalized, governmental budget problems can be eliminated or at least lessened significantly because the drugs and their use can be taxed, while supposedly expenditures for legal enforcement of anti drug laws would be reduced.

Or some say that if codes are re written and allowances made so that some of these street-drugs can be permitted solely for medicinal purposes, under those circumstances only honest, law-abiding ill people would be the ones using them…

It seems extreme libertarians who on this subject have unwittingly coupled their ideas and some of their actions with the ideas and actions of the drug cartels in the Americas and in Afghanistan, for example, are creating their own “Potemkin Village”, with some extreme negative ramifications likely to follow.

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