Sharing Ideas and Information

If anyone sees or hears anything pertinent that could be included in the PAN AMERICAN WORLD page, the information could be posted individually, if they wish…  If someone wanted to post anything anonymously, they could simply submit the information without including a name or an email address…  If someone simply includes a screen name, but no email address, only the screen name will appear with the post…  Anyone who would like to subscribe freely to the page so as to receive email updates when new posts are made, please provide your email address on the special place for that on the right hand column of the PAN AMERICAN WORLD page….. On that right hand column is also found a calendar that will produce posts that were made on a particular date once that date is “clicked”…  Also, on the same right hand column, at the search blank, when a word is written in and submitted, if a  post has been written with that word in it (especially in its title), the particular post is supposed to appear.

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