The Roman Catholic Pope, under attack by the Press and by some other Christian Churches

It is assumed that no decent human being condones child molestation, sexual exploitation or any other perversions, and that those guilty of such actions whether clergy or otherwise must be exposed and punished to the fullest extent of the law…  There mustn’t be any  “separation of church and state” regarding who punishes the culpable, anywhere in the world (although that concept is most famously found in The United States of America)…

Having said that, is the news media acting responsibly when continually reporters approach Roman Catholic parishioners at religious ceremonies, such as during Holy Week, and try to get one or two to comment unfavorably about the Pope’s alleged condoning of serious wrongdoings by Catholic Clergy?  Are some reporters at times taking advantage of unsophisticated church members for the purpose of sensationalism and to create division among the parishioners?

And in isolated cases, when the clergy of other Christian or non Christian denominations reportedly treat the allegations as fact and criticize the Pope about his supposed Christian failings, is their speaking out in such a manner considered responsible behavior?…..

For the sake of open disclosure, the writer was reared a Catholic …

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