Pat Sajak, Host of “Wheel of Fortune”, offers a view on health care Politics

Pat Sajak reportedly contributed his political view to Human Events magazine, decrying in a witty way that if anyone expresses a criticism of the health care bill signed into law recently, immediately they will be criticized by some as  being unthinking “extremists”:   ttp://


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  1. Mr. Sajak does not appear to condem the actions of the left. He mentions all the evil names of those who oppose Obama are called and for balance lists one small aside regarding the treatment of GW. I’m puzzled because I don’t really know what side he’s on. The quip above still doesn’t give a hint, at least to me, of what side he’s on either.

    • I see your point; he could have been more direct…
      He seemed to be criticizing the “left”, but maybe because he did not want to offend too many Democratic liberals who might watch his show, he handled the topic in a (too?) light hearted manner.

  2. Witty or not, I am “puzzled” by Mr. Sajak’s view! Carol, I like your view on our soldiers, maybe not to the same extent, but as something worthy of consideration.

  3. For those whose illnesses are “life-style” driven; I’m sorry you are suffering. However, I don’t apologize for my health-care views. Healthcare is not a given…except for any person who has served in the US armed forces. We can not do enough for our soldiers and other military servicemen. If it were up to me, none of them would ever pay taxes, automatically be excluded.

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