Introducing Presidente Juán Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia — what can he do for you?

Evo, as he is commonly called, is the president of Bolivia in South America and was the first Amerindian Bolivian elected to that position…  He began his political career as a leader of a worker’s movement called Movement toward Socialism, and even while occupying the current position of president, he still serves as a leader of a federation of farmers that grows coca — from the leaves of the coca plant, the ingredients to make cocaine is derived…  Cocaine is a powerfully stimulating drug that has much positive use in the medical field, but often is used as a street-drug by a segment of American society, addicting them and creating health and crime problems for society.

President Morales believes that his farmers’ federation of coca growers is not to blame for the world-wide problems of cocaine addiction because the farmers themselves, as small farmers everywhere, make very little off the harvesting of the coca crop…   Those who transform the coca leaf into the actual cocaine, transport it to and sell it in Europe and North America, who make the real money, are the evil ones,  he believes….

So he does little or nothing to stop the growing or harvesting of the crop.

But, additionally, the Bolivian president reportedly does allow laboratories within the border of his country to process cocaine, allows small aircraft  to land and take off with the processed cocaine: in order for it to be placed into the vast world-wide system for the distribution of cocaine…

Evo also believes in re-distribution of wealth, meaning, in various ways, taking wealth from wealthier people, and giving it to the poorer members of society…  He believes too in taking land from the large owners and giving it to the poorer members of society…

This all is a problem for the United States of America — for one, American society has a drug problem, we know one place where the drug that creates the problem(s) originates…  What attention to the problems of Latin America is the United States paying?  Problems in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea, and Nigeria and Darfur, for example, are important considerations for the country, but not paying more attention to problems closer to home could wind up being even bigger problems for the USA.

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