Stop the World! Ricky (Menudo) Martin is Coming Out

Ricky Martin came out of the proverbial closet recently (although some believed he had ventured out much earlier, when he thought nobody was looking)…   Why is it necessary for a homosexual who is coming out to make a formal announcement about the fact — “I’m a gay man“, some say, “…  at times even sending out press releases to the news media saying “I’m a gay man“, then making the rounds of talk shows to say again ,”I’m a gay man“,… as if they are plugging a new movie that is, coming out…  How many times do they have to say “I’m a gay man“…  Could they not just simply begin living an open homosexual lifestyle for all to see?…..  Just saying…


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  1. Please, Mr. “Gay Man” Martin, if you are thinking to enlarge your eligebility pool, advertising is the way to go. If you are thinking we need this information, guess again. If we were to use “scaling” to value your statment, you would be a negative 2,000,000 value, at least.

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