“Estupendo!” Christopher Columbus wanted a “coat”, and he got one!

Reportedly a remnant example of the original Columbus "Coat of Arms"According to several sources (including in this link from the Library of Congress), Chris, who “sailed the ocean blue,…  in 14 hundred 92” — catchy phrase still after so many years, heh — wanted to be rewarded in several ways for his achievement in discovering a New World, or for whatever he had done because even if he was the first European to arrive in this parts…, now we’re told he can’t get credit for discovering something that was already here…

One of the things he wanted was to be awarded a “Coat of Arms” — referring to a particular design assigned historically by a monarch to someone, designating the person as a  “Knight”…  The Coat of Arms shown on the upper left herein is reportedly a remnant of an original Columbus Coat of Arms — compare it to the reproduction as it appears as a part of the narrative in the link.


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