It’s Saturday! Let the children play (or anyone who hasn’t lost the childlike spirit): begin with North and South America

Map game  –  children (as well as adults) could try learning the locations of the countries…  Some countries might have changed their names since the map game was created but the outline and their location would be the same…  The hardest thing might be to be sure to pick up the outline of the country at the bottom of the right hand column and then dragging it to its location because some of the outlines of smaller countries are quite small.


2 Responses

  1. You beat my time, but “I’ll be back”, as the California guv used to say in movies. Picking up some of the small ones and fitting them in take extra time

  2. 227 seconds for North and South America – yes, some countries are very, very small making them difficult to see and pick up..

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