Migratory Birds, and Economic Agreements in the Americas: interconnectivity at work

It has been said that there is truly a natural interconnectivity between North and South America… 

The link below specifically refers to the migratory patterns of birds from Kansas and is presented in the Pan American World site because (compared to others recently found) it seems to show more clearly and colorfully the various routes taken by birds of the United States, to Central and South America…  If one can imagine other birds from different states and regions in their flights to and fro other parts of the  Americas during the cold and warm months, the sky would truly be a mass of birds in flight. [At the cited link, simply place the mouse cursor over the name of a specific bird and its migratory pattern will appear on the map to the right.]

Regarding humans, of course too there are patterns of migration that connect the various countries of the Americas (some having begun even during pre historic times)…, and there are human-made economic organizations as well that more recently have been created supposedly to take advantage of the natural and symbiotic economic connections within the hemispheres — such as The North American Free Trade Agreement, and other bilateral agreements

Will the Americas ever become something as closely united economically and politically as the European Common Market/European Union, and would such and occurrence be good for The United States of America?…   Hold on to your hat and seat because in however many more ways the Americas become more interconnected is yet to be seen. 


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