Trouble in more than South America and “America” unilaterally to disarm?

The Russians and Chinese have apparently been making inroads in South America with military and economic agreements with countries such as Venezuela,… with little discernible push-back from President Obama’s administration 

Now, in the last day or so, according to the New York Times, President Obama has announced or is ready to announce, that, in general:

1.  The United States of America will not be developing any more new nuclear weapons, 2. would not use nuclear weapons even if attacked, 3. would be doing the above so as to discourage other countries from developing and using nuclear weapons, 4.  but, that the USA apparently would use nuclear weapons against Iran and North Korea, if needed… 

Seems the policy shifts went against the advise of Secretary of Defense

Meanwhile, as alluded to earlier and in other posts, the Russians and Chinese are making inroads in some countries in America’s backyard — Venezuela just a few days ago indicated it had asked Russia for advise and assistance in developing its own nuclear capabilities, plus had previously signed agreements with Iran for various types of assistance …

There appears to be major governmental policy changes occurring that have ramifications in various areas and to extensive degrees, and it remains to be seen how sound the decisions will be and how receptive the American public will be…


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  1. I am speechless. The once greatest country in the world is being steered by an inexperienced politician who has a narcissist’s personality. OMG!

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