Russia creating trouble for USA: in Asia (Kyrgyzstan & Georgia), in Europe, in South America?

If we assume that any country( including Russia and The United States of America), seeks to  improve its own standing in the world in various ways and for various reasons, then the occurring turmoil in Kyrgyzstan that overthrew the government there in the last couple of days, as well as the military/economic agreements with Venezuela on April 2 ( just past), ought to bring attention to what the Russians are doing in Asia and South America and overall 

Additionally, the Russians sign a  Nuclear Warhead/Missile Agreement with the USA, but reportedly with the option included that they can opt out whenever they want…  They also have attempted to use natural gas as a foreign policy stick by seemingly threatening Europe that they will not continue supplying the resource to some countries there if those countries engage in any foreign policy moves with which the Russians do not agree…

Not only because the USA has an air base in Kyrgyzstan( which supports American military efforts in Afghanistan), the American Administration needs to keep better tabs on the Russians in Asia and must do a more skillful job of counterbalancing them in South America — because of course South America is in America’s backyard

The situation in Kyrgyzstan is fluid, as the saying goes, and the dust needs to settle a bit before more precise assessments can be made…  [By the way, how many datgum “stans” are there?]

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