An “agenda” continues? “Piss Christ”, Lincoln was a homosexual and “Gay Christ”!

A play, Corpus Christi, scheduled to open in a Fort Worth, Texas theater — according to an article in the Dallas Morning News — is  apparently one created by a homosexual writer in which Jesus Christ is depicted as having been a homosexual…

Periodically, a story is retold by some homosexuals that they believe President Lincoln lived a homosexual lifestyle simply because they say he had a male room-mate in his early life as a young student/young  lawyer.

Back in the late 1980s,  Piss Christ was created, a controversial work in which  a crucifix of Jesus Christ was submerged in a glass filled with the urine of the artist...

Is there and has there has been a coordinated drive, by some, to create a new history, in general, and a specific history in which Christianity is distorted?


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  1. Actually, I do not see this as an attempt to vulgerize Christianity, rather, it appears to be more like an attempt to promote/mainstream homosexuals. It has been my observation that this section of homosapiens spends a great deal of time looking for examples of quasi-questionable behavior among the hetrosexuals. In doing so, they hope to answer the question: Are we standard issue?” To answer, Well no, your proclivity is due to hormonal flux. Nobody’s fault but definitely not mainstream homosapien-type.
    Get over it, stop trashing values of other people.
    It just makes you look small and mean and emotionally needy.

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