Liberals rejoice!… President will most likely get re-elected in 2012… But,…

Conservatives will not like this assessment and liberals will love it, somewhat — but whether one side or the other favors it or not,… at this juncture, early as it is, it seems President Obama will get re-elected in 2012.  Why?…  Because of the solid voting blocs he has in his back pocket:

1. the Black community will vote for him almost 100 percent, as it did in 2008, and that solid swing vote segment will swing the election to him.  Black pride will continue to prevail.

2.  the latino community could likely vote for him in significant numbers, as it did in 2008…  After seeing that a Black American can be elected president utilizing particular swing voting segments of society, hispanic/latino strategists are surely working out details of how in the future a latino could be elected president with the solid voting support of the Black American community…  The election of a Black American president in 2008 undoubtedly gives hope to the Hispanic/Latino community that through changing demographics and voting coalitions, one of theirs also can be elected.

3.  the portion of white liberals who still feel the weight of “the white man’s burden” will continue to vote for him in overwhelming numbers.

4.  a sizable percentage of disenchanted and alienated white females who blame a  significant number of the problems of the world and nation on the white male, once again will vote a second term for President Obama, and…. 

5.  those who simply believe intellectually that the president would or would not be the best choice for president, could evenly split their votes between the Democrat and Republican candidates, but because of the previously listed reasons, the decision would still go to the president…

In this assessment, the economy has not been totally weighed because it is still in flux.  And because even if it improves to a large degree (which historically it ought to do), or if it remains sluggish, the voting segments highlighted above probably will not be swayed too far afield to have a bearing on the election — if it improves, President Obama gets the credit…  If it remains problematic, the previous administration will get the blame…

As for the national elections of 2010, the results might have an effect on President Obama’s re-election fortunes in 2012, but it is important to note that even if his party loses big time in November, he could still win his re-election bid in 2012.


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  1. Let me get this straight, this administration has so polarized the nation that elections will follow racial lines. Yet, anyone who points this out is a racist. Huh? In regards to the women, I believe they allow themselves to be swayed by the liberal likes of Oprah, Ellen, and some ladies of the View. Say what they will regarding white men getting this country in trouble, women are still being played for the emotional vote. Not a slam, just the way I see it and it’s tactic that got Bill Clinton elected.

  2. I don’t understand certain women’s disenchantment and alienation.

  3. …and don’t forget the activities of the Democrats who persist in their claims of “racism remarks” toward any who are not in their camp.
    Most people are not interested in seeking out the truthfulness of these activities, at least my observations attest to this opinion.

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