Sarah Palin and others, traitors if they demonstrate and criticize President Obama’s policies?

Recently, ol’ President Bush basher Joe Klein of TIME magazine, the magazine that seems to be on a crash diet because it gets thinner by the week, wrote another of continuing narratives from the leftist literati indicating, in essence, that in general, Tea Partyers (Sarah Palin) and some Talk Radio hosts who vigorously criticize President Obama are engaging in, if not traitorous acts against the nation, are pretty close to it — and it follows that he might wish that they be prosecuted, or that his assertion would scare them into not utilizing their First Amendment right of free speech….   Chilling that someone who makes a living via the First Amendment would write such things… 

Is his thinking Hogwash Logic?

The simplistic, illogical and unsound argument is made seemingly by haughty print media stalwarts who abhor that those in, yes, the lowly radio, make bushels of more money than they and have tons of more influence and listeners than they have readers.  Additionally, the old guard printers who no longer dominate what news actually goes out to the masses after being filtered by them, resent their loss of influence — but do not want to go without a fight, however ugly the tactics they use…  

They seem to fear that their medium’s effect has declined, and will say and do most anything to appear to continue to be in control…  And when their hollow arguments do not work, they turn to ugly assertions, accusing Tea Partyers and Talk Radio of unspeakable things, such as “they’re racist, they hate the Black president, they’re traitors“, and engage in other inane talk.

Even Bill Clinton, ex President (reaction to Bill Clinton), recently had a commentary about the same general topic and conclusion as Joe Klein, as if the old print media people and the old politicians had gotten together in a smoke-filled room  (apologies to the green politicians) to continue to hash out additional attack talking-points….  These people do not seem to accept that control of what news goes out to the hoi polloi is not their God-given Right… Yes, I used the G word

Strange hogwash logic by them, but maybe a sound one if their intent is to stifle dissent.

[The purpose of this post is neither to promote a liberal viewpoint nor a conservative one, but it is to promote open discussion throughout the political spectrum.]

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