Arizona voters and others are “misguided” and “psychologically disoriented”?!

In Arizona, because Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Immigration Bill 1070 into law last week, the police now are required to stop anyone who has brown skin”, so say not only the most vociferous and strident of those who oppose the law, but also the unthinking ones who only repeat what they hear…

Of course, that is not what the law says, but facts do not seem to be important to ones who apparently do not want to discuss the issue in a sensible manner, preferring instead simply to confuse, agitate and demagogue.

Political Campaign 2010 is in full stride a full six months before November.

Al Sharpton has been making the rounds of talk shows aggressively expressing opposition to the recently enacted Arizona law, saying the law is
“misguided”, and more  Why?…  Maybe because as a reported confidant of President Obama he is stoking Latino anger in order to gain their support in voting in November for candidates favored by the president…

 President Obama says the law is “misguided”.

 Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano repeats what her boss says, that the law is “misguided”.

 Nancy Pelosi, from California, Speaker of the House, says the law is “misguided and irresponsible”.

 Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco, California has asked that the city boycott Arizona because the law is “misguided”, and more.

Bill Clinton, former president, says the passage of the Arizona law indicates that people have a “psychological disorientation”!…

Raúl Grijalva, state representative from Phoenix, has stated that he is pressing a boycott of businesses in Arizona (apparently to show his disdain for the immigration law)…  As several in the news media have pointed out, what kind of representative for the voters is he if he is saying he wants businesses in his district to suffer economic ruin because the state passed a law to control illegal immigration?  Whom does he represent?…..

Rich posted yesterday something to the effect that Hispanic citizens ought to know they are simply pawns being used for the November elections…  Seems like a good point…

 Shouldn’t they know?…  Are Latino/Hispanic citizens of The United States of America (and other voters) going to be herded like sheep by President Obama, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Secretary Napolitano, Raúl Grijalva, Gavin Newsom and Bill Clinton into voting for anyone simply because they are prodded in that direction?

If they can be herded so easily, maybe they do have a psychological condition as Mr. Clinton indicates.




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  1. Any states that really want to help out the poor beleaguered illegals, they should invite them all to migrate over ASAP

  2. That is exactly their plan . . . to use this immigration issue to try and mobilize their base in an off-year election!!!

  3. psst: I think this “what the low says” maybe should be “law?”

  4. Playing the race card only demeans those that are feigning outrage. This is about crime, and victims. Not race, that’s a red herring fallacy of the first magnitude.

    I have family and friends in the Mesa area, and they can’t let the children go out to play because of all the violence. They go armed at all times because of it.

    Sorry carol, but your argument just does not wash. Via con Dios.

  5. Biology 101: When one species invades another species’ territory, the invaded species has these choices:
    1. Assimilate
    2. Move
    3. Die
    This formula holds true for the Animal Kingdom, the Insect Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, homo sapiens, etc.

    As my brother, Ken, says, “It is what it is, deal with it.”

    I will not be able to visit AZ again with my children or grandchildren unless I check in with the local police dept. to show our passports and IDs, And after confirming our citizenship, something we have not had to do in the US; there is no guarantee we will not be molested at some time during our trip. Is it worth the trouble? Not to our family. So long AZ, kiss your tourists goodbye.

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