Potpourri Pan America: it’s illegal to be an illegal alien?!… Conservative “actors talk in whispers”… And more..

Here and Yonder:

Conservative “actors talk in whispers”

 Policing the Party  (video): Riot Police/Swat team readying to “face off” Tea Partyer group of senior citizens  demonstrating  peacefully at President Obama’s function in Quincy, Illinois. 

Sports writer Dave Zirin: Dont take anyone out to the ballpark.  (video) The writer was interviewed regarding the state of Arizona’s illegal immigration law — he supports, with a twist,  Raúl Grijalva’s boycott plans for Arizona…  He is pushing that no one in Arizona go to Diamondback baseball games(!), and when the team plays on-the-road, that no one ought to go see them either…  Frankly,  I had never heard of the guy before the video… 

Immigrant Rallies on May 1….

Real Clear Politics : President’s latest approval rating –approve: 47.9,         disapprove:  45.7

Hugo Chavez : because we were all dying to know, leftist President of Venezuela now has a twitter account (chavezcandanga) and supposedly will join Facebook next… Wonder who his first friends will be.

a Talking head: supposedly said something deeply insightful — that the new immigration law in Arizona will make it illegal to be an illegal alien… 

Argentina in Anarchy?

PanAm: and , finally, found my button today from the World Cup in Pasadena in 1994…  Thinking of World Cup South Africa…  Just sayin’…    

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