Potpourri Pan America: News briefs, from the Statue of Liberty to Shakira’s World Cup song, and more

World Cup in South Africa, let the party begin — Shakira sings. Begin with some movement, then move on down to the mundane…

1.  Secretary Napolitano, Homeland Security (without wanting to belabor the point) — she has continually referred to those who commit what commonly are known as terrorist acts, as plain law breakers, not as terrorists…  After the botched car bomb in New York this weekend she declined to label it a terrorist act…  Later, the President’s spokesperson Gibbs said the botched bomb in New York was a terrorist act…  Sorry, Secretary Napolitano, but you were left out of the loop…

2.  Polanski still does not want to comply with his sentence, believing that since he has been on-the-lamb for so long the law ought to leave him alone. 

3.  Mexico finds itself criticizing immgration polices to its north but gets hit with the similar charges — in fact, hit with charges worse than what are leveled against the U.S.A.

4.  What was that about being on top of things on the oil disaster in the Gulf ?  In the Sunday political T.V. programs, several ranking Obama Administration officials went on the record saying that from “day one” they had equipment and supplies prepositioned in the Gulf Coast area, but this story offers a different reality. 

 5.  Statue of Liberty words can be misunderstood — the words inscribed, “give me your tired…” , etc., seemingly are misunderstood by new immigrants because inscribed there is nothing about laws having to be followed before entering… 

6.  Reform is needed!   The USA Today newspaper repeats the refrain that reform is needed in immigration — nothing new, but point well taken.

7.  Peruvian Amerindians/indigenous people for years have fought for their lands — and continue to fight…  There is definitely a  new world order arising…

8.  Ranchers and/or loggers continue to be prosecuted for killing the innocent — religious folks who work for the good of the underclass in Latin America periodically are killed by those who oppose their goals..

9.  Trying to stop Marco Rubio in Florida — governor of California supposedly advised Governor Crist to run against Marco Rubio as an independent..

10. Paraguay is being overrun by drug cartels — The drug cartels overrun another country, producing drugs for export north, while the USA (and some state governments) moves right along trying to make it easier for some people to consume street-drugs here…

11.  Protecting the marshlands from the Oil Spill. — Regulators under the microscope.

12.  Keep an eye out for your FACEBOOK profile .  You can opt out.

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  1. Polanski belongs in Jail. I don’t care how long he has been on the lamb the man belongs in jail. Someone else who “rapes” a thirteen year old would be in jail. It just burns me that this man has been allowed freedom for so long.

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