Cultural Awareness days without Commonsense nor Appropriate guidance

Yesterday on this page very briefly data was presented about the origins of the Cinco de Mayo celebration…  Yesterday evening and today, one hears of at least one case that made it to the news media in which a public school deemed it disruptive on that day to wear American flag symbols at school…  

Celebrations like that could have educational value for everyone and be beneficial to society, but only if a school reiterates to all participants, at the minimum, that without any doubt and beyond challenge, the school is an American school and that American symbols there are never unacceptable… 

On occasions such as these, commonsense and decency by the participants and the leadership element, as well as by observers, ought to be the operative words.

When questionable practices arise, sometimes a major problem at schools (and at other places composed of different ethnic/racial groups) where particular cultural days are observed seems to be the lack of appropriate vision, commonsense and  leadership exercised by those responsible for setting up the event…

Run them well or not at all ought to be the mantra


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