Potpourri Pan America: news briefs, from here to oil

  Oil Spill already an ecological and economic disaster, regardless of what happens next

1.  Environmental exemptions for BP and see what happens! 

2.  President Obama gets the most of political contributions given by BP

3.  Oil spill clean up chemicals can harm marine life for years to come

4.  Brown Pelicans in danger  What about the polka dotted ones?

5.  Hurricane season begins June 1…  Then what about the cleanup?

6.  “The threat to the deep-sea habitat is already a done deal — it’s happening now,”… : Paul Montagna, marine scientist, Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi

7.  “Oil spill puts fragile Gulf ecology in Peril”  Where we gonna get the shrimp?

8.  It’s a “who done it”, “The BP oil Blame Game” 

9.  World Wildlife Federation — wanna know how you can help wildlife in the eye of the of the oil spill? 

10. Coast Guard continues on another phase of the oil spill  — burn, baby, burn…

And finally:  While the oil spill was burning in the Gulf, Chief of Staff of Interior Department (main actor in coordinating  the federal response to the catastrophe), was at the Grand Canyon rafting?      Say it aint so…


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