Potpourri Pan America: news headline briefs

Get a Glance of these  and read fast:

1.  Fish are dying and coastal islands are contaminated — what will they try next?

2.  U.S. Stocks rally after Europeans bail out Greece  — bail outs on top of bail outs.

3.  Even in Argentina it’s news that the president made his Supreme Court announcement — we live indeed in a “small world”.  It continues to shrink…

4.  The Russians and the Cubans continue their relationship in the hemisphere

5.  Venezuela wants to be a tourist destination — wanna go visit Hugo Chavez?

6.  Bolivian Amerindian heads to Norway — the world’s first indigenous leader of a country is working to build alliances with indigenous people in Scandinavia. 

7.  Lena Horne dies: entertainer and civil rights activist — a multifaceted person…

8.  Corruption in the police ranks in Mexico — big money buys most anything?

9.  U.S. gangs and the drug cartels working together? — they’re here, they’re here…

10. Senator Menendez of New Jersey and Rep. Serrano of New York say: don’t throw that ball in Arizona…


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  1. I’m writing about the corruption in the police forces in Mexico, it is horrible that so much money is spent buying drugs and then some of themoney is spent on bribing the police. Americans need to stop using drugs because it is like they are giving money to the criminals.

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