Potpourri Pan America: News headline briefs

News Headline Briefs:

1.  President Obama’s Administration creates more national debt  — help!: how much more can he raise the nation’s debt before more than just a few people notice?…

2.  Russia says: Don’t mess with Iran, Mr. Obama — What now?

3.  “Pushing back” on street-drug use — L.A. City Attorney on the right track.

4.  Danny Glover: about Arizona Boycott – video: Even Danny knows boycotts hurt common folks.

5.  Seattle Police play kickball with Latino — ouch!  Not good for public relations … 

6. Dead dolphins — it’s a “who done it”.  The oil spill did it, or?


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  1. These headline briefs are interesting I just click on any of them that seem interesting if I find them interesting, thank you.

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