Evo Morales: reportedly has said he is America’s worst nightmare

On April 1, of this year a post was written on this page introducing Evo Morales of Bolivia, South America…..

As a follow-up: he is a man on-the-move…  If only a few are aware of who this indigenous president of Bolivia is, more ought to become familiar with him because he seems intent on becoming the major leader of the indigenous people all over the world — more specifically, a leader of the underdeveloped countries of the world who wants to counter balance the power of the developed countries, including the influence of The United States…

He is one of the first from the indigenous class of people to become the top elected leader of a country in Latin America, and also one of the first elected indigenous leader of any country world-wide…  His country of Bolivia is right in the backyard of The United States of America, and as previously noted, his country produces and exports street-drugs to the U.S.A. and to Europe…

In the recent past:

1.  he has apparently expelled from Bolivia several of his most vocal critics,  seemingly because he doesn’t seem to tolerate those who disagree with his policies,

2.  as explained in the post of April 1, he has had, and still has, a connection to the drug crop industry, and to those in the production and export of street-drugs — and in 2008 suspended an arrangement the previous government of Bolivia had with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency under which D.E.A. agents worked in Bolivia to curb the growth, production and export of street-drugs,

3. April 2, 2010, met with Prime Minister Putin of Russia and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, apparently to help Russia expand its influence in South  America — supposedly has declared himself to be the worst nightmare of the United States; April 21-23: led his own Climate Summit in Bolivia for the purpose of highlighting the dangers the United states and other developed countries pose,

4.  May 1, 2010, took over control from private owners of the oil and gas industry of Bolivia; May 14, 2010, he accused the Human Watch organization of being a pawn of the U.S.A because Human Watch criticized his treatment of anyone who disagrees with him,

5.  week of May 14, he was scheduled to be in the Scandinavian countries to meet with indigenous peoples of that area, reportedly working to unite the indigenous peoples of the world in order to present a united front against The United States and other developed countries…

Evo Morales, Amerindian, indigenous President of Bolivia, a rising political figure from  Pan America — one to watch and gauge…  Worth getting to know who he is,  what he stands for and what he plans next…


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  1. At least a couple of varying thoughts have been presented… The two main/general views expressed probably come from similar libertarian foundations, with of course distinctive nuances and manner of presenting them…
    If anyone would llike to make a final comment on the topic, feel free to do so, then the comments on this will close…

  2. Well Carol, I happen to be one of those people that have been saying for years that the way to beat the drug lords is by decriminalizing drugs, as in end the economic incentives. I have also lauded those that would make peace rather than war.

    I’m arrogant? look in a mirror. I simply call things as I see them. have a nice day.

    • Here’s the deal,You can continue to filibuster me to my knees,
      However, your words and thoughts are ill-adapted to present use. An enlightened soul would know this is true.
      The readers and I understand you call them as you see them, we know how you think.

  3. Points noted Carol, even if I do perceive them to be red herring and historical fallacies. If however, President Morales sets himself up as a real enemy of the United States we would be fools not to take note of that.

    I seem to remember another “champion” of indigenous peoples that was causing problems in Bolivia and elsewhere. American trained Bolivian Rangers put an end to him, and I would think President Morales should look to history before he ends up like Che’ did, as well as a certain Central American President that was involved in the drug trade.

    Great post PanAm.

    • You miss my point. The real enemy of the Ubited States people is our huge, money and freedom- sucking governmen. Historical fallacy, I think not.

      Your acceptance of the US involving itself in other countries politics comes from the old ways of thinking.
      Look where you guys have gotten us. No one is trembling at the sight of our flag anymore. The question is why should another country tremble before us. That is bad politics and missed opportunities. Fear is not a sound basis for a relationship.

      Your words are arrogant as far as the drug trade comments. Who buys this stuff? Americans do. Where does the responsibility ultimately lie? Not with the producer of drugs. Be careful when you spit in the wind, it might fly back into your face.

  4. Certainly a logically sound analysis that deserves consideration… A counter balance force to something is not always necessarily a bad thing, a different perspecitve can be enlightening, which are at least a couple of things I gather from your comment…

  5. Wait, before we take offense toward President Morales regarding ” he is America’s worst nightmare…” Ask yourself, is this all bad for us. Consider that he may well be an ally for the people of the US?
    Truth be told, our worst nightmare is our current day governing bodies. Government is so big it is unsustainable and uncomfortable for the common folk, most of us. We are being taxed up the wazoo. Our own President doesn’t even like us much as he is so intent on changing and taking control of banks, auto companies, enlarging the grasp of the Federal government, etc. He certainly does not trust our ability to make decisions for ourselves.
    So, ask yourself, could President Morales and his agenda to unite the indigenous peoples of the world necessarily be a bad thing? Maybe it is their turn at the political helm…sure as heck will not be any worse than the donkeys and elephants we have given free rein to rule the US. Reserving judgement; one cannot make good decisions without truthful facts to work from..

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