In combat, charge the enemy, not the American

 They’re at risk —  recently it has been reported that, “Afghan Prosecutor issues arrest warrant for U.S. army officer over police killing”…  Wherever the American military is, the men and women of the nation’s armed forces are at risk…  Be it Asia or Europe, or Iraq and Afghanistan , or else where, danger lies…  And it is not only from hostile fire but periodically also from hostile local prosecutors and lawyers and their clients, seeking a lot more than just a few bucks from Uncle Sam… 

Granted that American forces are not perfect in every operation undertaken nor in every contact with local people and sometimes make mistakes, but no one in this country nor wherever the military is serving ought to jump to conclusions that Americans are purposefully committing criminal acts and therefore that military personnel ought to be incarcerated, if,… if a mistake is made… American men and women are operating under trying conditions and do not need/deserve the locals of Iraq or Afghanistan, nor American superiors or politicians(criticism of Murtha) periodically trying to put them in prison simply for their working to do their jobs…

There is little doubt that in many cases where charges are filed against active duty men and women, the action is taken to appease the local population and politicians who at times make charges for financial and/or political reasons…  Navy Seals have been subjected to charges by the American military establishment, as have some from other branches of the military, but reason seems to have prevailed and they were cleared of criminality(Navy Seals exonerated )….

Political Correctness might be funny running as a television show, but in a combat zone it is simply running amok…  P.C. itself ought to be considered a criminal act if taken, well, as a politically correct action to appease the locals – those locals instead ought to be grateful for the  sacrifices the men and women of the Armed Forces of The United States of America have made and are making on their behalf…  Just sayin’

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  1. Americans are always seen as rich and nice and easy about handing over cash.

  2. I think that you nailed it. Financial incentive appears to often be at least a partial motivation in many of the cases that have been brought forward. Then, of course there will always be the Hate America First types that want to go after the big boy on the block irrespective of any facts.

    Do bad things happen from time to time? Certainly, and the United States seeks to do what is right whenever possible.

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