Potpourri Pan America: Headline news in brief — from beauty pageant to packing Pakistani, to Brazil gaining influence

A few headlines Around the Hemisphere:

1.  Will an electorate trend against Pres. Obama continue, or not?  — primary elections today in several key states for important positions…

  2.  Miss USA of Arab ancestry — will ultra conservative Arabs in the USA  or abroad be upset?

3. Pakistani suspected bomber released — arrested at the U.S. Embassy in Chile.

4.  Communist Cuba rules Venezuela? — editorial in Spanish fears Venezuela is “decaying” politically and economically, while becoming militaristic like Cuba…

5.  South American power Brazil continues gaining influence in world affairs — mentioned here in a prior post, another example of Brazil’s increasing stature…


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  1. Regarding Miss USA of Arab descent: Of course the ultra conservative Arabs will be upset. The old line is always upset when their young people don’t toe that line- regardless which ethnicity is involved.

    I sincerely hope this beautiful young woman will be safe and suffer no mishap. If I were her parent, she would have a bodyguard, 24/7.

    It is a crazy world out there. The old line for sure, will have something to say. Let’s hope for her sake, they talk and take no action against her.

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