PERSON(s) of the Week


LEON E. PANETTA: Director of the C.I.A. and consummate politician —  apparently won a turf battle against apolitical/knowledgeable Dennis C. Blair, Director of National Intelligence, when Blair resigned…  Based on  9/11 Commission recommendations, apparently the C.I.A. director formally ought to have been subordinate to the Director of National Intelligence, but informally/in practical terms, he is not — a major flaw in addition to others in the way the law was formulated and passed…  [“Intelligence”]

FELIPE CALDERON: Mexican President  — in practical terms, seemingly became a willing political instrument of President Obama’s Administration…


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  1. I am not sure why the people were picked as persons of the week because I don’t agree with either one of them and I guess it does not have to do with what I want or like… Need to read up more on them. I am against illegal immigration and want the borders portected and the president of Mexico needs to help.

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