Potpourri Pan America:Headlines in brief – a political bribe(?), a rebellion(?), gasoline taxes(?), immigration, and more

Ponder These:

1If you criticize the president you are inciting a rebellion?  Why is Governor Patrick bringing up something like that? 

2“Wanna” stop illegal immigration? – then raid the employers every where and often; penalize them severely, too.

3A follow-up to the 1982 Falkland War between Argentina and England?  — or as the Argentines call them, the Malvinas…  President Kirchner of Argentina is making noise about that possibility to distract from the bad economy in Argentina?…

4Congress will raise tax on gasoline?  They said what?

5Oil spill off Mexico 1979   —  a comparison to this 2010 oil spill off the Louisiana coast: more oil spilled from the Mexican well altho’ that well was in much more shallow water… 

6Rasmussen Report —  the public turns against the president, little by little…  Will support for him rebound before November or continue the slide? 

7.   Sestak, U.S.Senate Democrat nominee, was he offered a bribe?  By the White House? — Is this situation similar to what is asserted in the criminal case against ex Illinois Governor Blagojevich?…  Wonder if anyone is “stonewalling” and will anything serious come of this matter.

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