Potpourri Pan America: Headlines news in brief

What a mess to ponder:

1.   Arguments among the brass on the  rig  prior to the explosion!  Let’s get to the bottom of the mess, no pun intended…

 2. Terrorist alert on  Texas / Mexico border?  Send the troops, hurry!

 3.  Amnesty  International (in Spanish) says Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela does not respect free speech by the citizenry… Sean Penn, talk to your friend!…

 4.   Democrat Carville blasts the Obama Administration for its reaction to the oil spill …  The “Cajun is ragin'”.

 5.  Obama ready to repeal the don’t ask, don’t tell policy for the military – what about the Study the military was supposed to conduct, first? 

 6.  Video(s) – drug problems for everyday lives in Mexican and American  society…  You thought you had seen it all?!… 

4 Responses

  1. Simplicity is sometimes overlooked…

  2. I could hardly believe that Carville was going after the administraiton. Good for him – its about time someone spoke up.

  3. I about fell over when I saw Carville on the news going after the administration.

  4. I confess that I am overwhelmed by the violence and lack of regard for human beings by the drug cartels.

    Having said that, let me state that I would have been overwhelmed by the violence of the Azteca civilation de Mexico. That bloody historical timeline eventually disappeared, and their surrounding neighbors were glad.

    I wonder what is it going to take to make the drug cartels disappear? How about if no one buys their product? Or is that solution too simple?

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