Potpourri Pan America: from oil to CNN, from immigration to secure borders, from politics to sports, and more…

Ponder these:

1.  For better or worse, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill might remake or break Obama  — the administration could turn it all around between now and November, coming out smelling like a rose, not an oil sopped shrimp?

2.  President finally agrees to meet Arizona governor  — “immigration and secure borders” won’t go away!

3.  Obama to use the oil spill fiasco to move legislation through  — will the climate-change bill be resurrected?!

4.  Oliver Stone and another South American leftist  — what’s with Oliver and those guys? [In Spanish: Oliver wants to make a film about Evo Morales of Bolivia, like he did of Hugo Chavez of  Venezuela.]

5.  Mexican drug cartels use cash only — No debit cards?  Their pants really must have “deep pockets”. 

6CNN journalist quits for honest reasons  — honesty and journalism, together?Really?!

7.  Celtics and Lakers, NBA Finals — the west coast bunch is favored but pulling for the Celts…


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  1. I thought honest journalists were extinct? I hope they don’t put the lone survivor in a zoo (politics) so she loses her unique viewpoint. That would be our loss.

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