Person of the Week — Helen Thomas: her diminished personal capacity promotes a greater problem

Helen Thomas, of the White House Press Corps, slams Israel and sides with those who want the Jewish people to be driven from their country and the land given to the Palestinians…  Her employer, the White House and the Press Corps need to remove her from her position — she has not only outlived her journalistic value, but is an embarrassment to the press, her employer and herself, and, more importantly, in her high-profile position, her words and actions are muddling how American policy in the Middle East is perceived… 


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  1. For what this is worth…I did some research on Helen Thomas spanning the past serveral years.
    She stands against:
    Medial control
    Against the US being in Afghanistan, Iraq.
    Against corporate America
    Against Republicans- also blames them for the division in the US.
    Against Internet powered journalism.
    Against the “terrorist” label for those attacking the US.

    Ms. Thomas believes the Jews should be returned to their countries of origin, i.e. Germany, Poland, & America.
    She stands for Palestine being made secure for the safety of it’s citizens.

    Ms. Thomas casts a wide net for an admitted self-confessed far left Liberal.

    I am confused, this Lebanese lady needs a better map. Her navigational skills have landed her in America, not Lebanon. What’s the deal here?

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