Potpourri Pan America: headline news in brief — President Obama kicking “…ass…” — say it ain’t so…


1.  The P.R. people told the president to talk about kicking “… ass…” ?!: next, to do “a rap” about the Rumble in the Gulf, with Kanye.  (Spike Lee rules)… Believe it, or not…   What is this?

2.  Left Coast  vs Right Coast   — Lakers still favored, but PanAm pulling for the Celts: a good victory at Staples…

3.  Cemeteries can be “happening” places  — dinner first, then hanging at the tombstones, for drinks and a concert, wanna go dance on grandpa?

4.  Oil, oil, everywhere, on the pelicans — do something

5.  Mexico plans to open coal burning plants while           planning to host the November Climate Change Conference in Cancun ( an alliteration?).  Beats Copenhagen, but coal? (editorial, in Spanish). 

6.  Secretary Clinton makes official visits to South America and   hubby Bill follows later, like a tag team, making the same rounds, schmoozing for money…

7.  Ms Helen Thomas was tolerated   — it all comes out too late; there were too many enablers…

 8.  Brazil is a growing power in world affairs, but has lots of work to do in its own house and in own backyard(Miami Herald)…


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  1. Helen Thomas became a disgrace to the profession of journalism (which scarcely needs more detriment these days) and certainly was allowed far more tolerance for her outrageous meanderings than she deserved.

    Good riddance.

  2. In my opinion, the president has not done a good job of managing the crisis of the oil spill. I don’t expect him to individually dredge the marshlands and all that but I expect him to be in charge of people who are in charge telling people to contain things… He blames Bush and too many people for everything and then at the end says he is in charge. He is wishy washy… Who told him to look at the sand and that stuff? Somebody probably told him to pose.

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