Potpourri Pan America: Headline news in brief — what’s with the president’s alien philosophy, she says? — and more


1.  The Alien in the White House — is it that as a child he never bonded with America, just as a child might not bond with his mother? 

2.  Destruction in Afghanistan — does the president and others notice the violence  still going on in that part of the world and how things are going with our troops?   

3.  Sharron Angle and the Tea Party Express in Nevada: will they chug-a-long to victory or derail? — wonder what Reid thinks of his chances…                             

4.  B.P. had reported that an oil spill was unlikely — and that if one occurred it would cause little damage — and the government believed the story? Are the shorts on Wall Street wreaking havoc?                    

5.  FTC: tax entities on the internet to help the newspapers  — No way… Way…

6.  Long awaited NCAA penalty results report against University of Southern California is supposedly out — remains to be seen what all the details are…  If the punishment is not severe against the football and basketball programs, the governing board has waffled against a major athletic program…


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  1. Ms. Dorothy Rabinowitz has perfectly identified the weaknesses of the Obama presidency. Obama is indeed “the voice mainly of his ideological class”. It is crystal clear that he does not represent (nor did he ever intend to do so) the American people, but instead has bound himself to international socialism and its academic adherents. This should be no surprise, considering his mentors and background, but bodes most ill for the safety and prosperity of the United States and its citizens.

    We can only hope that the mass media is beginning to awaken to the danger that this man and his administration present to our country. Rejection of him and his ilk and their Congressional enablers at the ballot box this November is the only hope for America as we know it.

  2. The president thinks he is more like the people of the world and not like Americans. I agree that he is not sure who he is and does not understand Americans and thinks he is more cultured than Americans but i feel sorry for him because he is not as smart as he thinks he is, he’s confused.

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