About Arizona and Middle East: varying, but similar perceptions?

Recently Amr Moussa, head of the Arab League, visited the Hamas leadership in the GAZA strip to pledge solidarity with them against Israel…  Of course  Hamas and many other Palestinians, as well as some others across the planet believe the Hebrews ought to be driven into the sea and their land taken over by the Arabs…..

When Arizona passed SB 1070 into law, a sizable number in this country and many in Mexico and across the globe indicated, in essense, that the land in Arizona ought to be taken over by those who do not believe in the rule of law but do believe in Open Borders…  Some governmental officials even have sought to overturn the law…

Dr. Sergio Antonio Corona of the Universidad iberoamericana of Mexico wrote a newspaper column in Spanish about SB 1070 when it was passed into law… 

He indicated that:

The law was passed by a fascist state and was against the natural rights of humans according to international treaties and agreements under the Geneva Convention, as well as violated rulings of the World Court in The Hague, and that that was why people in general and specifically Human Rights organizations of the world have declared war against the law….

Further, he followed by explaining that the land making up what now is the state of Arizona, currently is illegally occupied and has been in that status for years as a result of what he calls the aggressive Mexican War against Mexico by The United States of America in the 1800s… Therefore, he concludes, those who are labeled as illegal immigrants by the law are actually the legal residents of Arizona, and the ones who wrote and passed the law are the illegal ones…

Additionally, he wrote that the passage of the law was obviously wrong, but that its passage was easy to understand because those approving it were of the same mentality as those who ran the Abu Graib Prison in Iraq and who still run Guantanamo….(!)

The sentiments expressed by Dr. Corona are similar to the views held by many others who reside in this country illegally, and even by a number of American citizens… 

Mr. Amr Moussa of the Arab League, in general, probably shares views similar to those expressed by the Mexican professor, but of course against obviously  a different target

Although Dr. Sergio Antonio Corona has written several fine books and articles, in his column against the Arizona law, his views, just as Mr. Moussa’s perceptions, come through loudly and clearly and are other examples of why whether in the Middle East or in Mexico, people with unreasonable and/or unrealistic views — operating on different interpretations of what the facts are — make it nearly impossible to arrive at reasonable alternatives to solve major or minor problems…

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  1. Dr. Corona is clearly echoing the sentiments expressed by La Raza and other radical organizations that are pushing for an open border and return to Mexican control of the areas in the Southwestern U.S. that were “stolen” by America.

    One might wonder what the attraction might be for the current waves of illegals if say, Arizona was back under the control of a Mexican government whose nearly total corruption by drug cartels has resulted in a stultifying murder rate and loss of government control in their own country? How long would it take before the economic opportunities and the enticing benefits offered by California and other border states would vanish, replaced the poverty and and lawlessness that characterizes Mexico?

    Dr. Corona, by labeling Arizona a “fascist state” openly reveals his hypocrisy, let alone his lack of understanding of international law.

    I am continually amazed by the elements in America who slavishly support uncountable illegal actions in the name of “human rights”.

  2. Sometimes what is needed, as you suggest, are simple solutions rather than complicated/confusing ones too open to many interpretations…

  3. It seems to me that if the US border-states were not to offer up any welfare or medical services and made it extremely unprofitable for employers to hire undocumented aliens and not allow access to schools and universities for illegal persons…Would that make a difference? With these benefits gone, what is the purpose?
    On the other hand if Mexico would step up and be responsible for their own citizens, maybe we could stop subsidizing that government?
    Maybe my ideas are too simple?

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