Potpourri Pan America: headline news – dismantle BP for real and political reasons and what will follow? And more.


1.  Dismantle BP, and others will dismantle American companies  — it’s a catastrophic event but if BP is disabled for real and political reasons, just wait for an American multinational company getting in trouble in a country faraway: it will be dismantled for real and political reasons, too…  From The Telegraph:  (L-R) BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chief Executive Tony Hayward, Managing Director Robert Dudley and BP America President Lamar McKay    

2.  Deadlines, deadlines in Afghanistan, and the enemy waits for them  — the enemy can count, too, and simply awaits the draw down?      

3.  Ecuador speaks up to USA as an equal  — well, even the smaller countries speak up…  It’s a different America.              

4.  Millionaire elected officials represent the downtrodden — but do they help them, or just become richer at the public trough?           

5.  Soccer teaser: South Africa   — Mexico has high hopes, and, just thinking, will soccer in the U.S.A. ever become a major sport?

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