Vote the Rascals out, why don’t we!?

The House of Representatives’ Congressional Hearing yesterday with bigwig Tony Hayward of BP on the grill resulted in an embarrassing charade by seemingly cloned stooges attempting to flex their Lilliputian.P.R. muscles against a witness shackled to a witness chair—what a way to earn the peoples’ trust and vote!… Pathetic spectacle…  On the one hand hilarious because of the dunderhead antics of the crack committee members, and on the other utterly mystifyingly sorrowful that these chumps…are-the-best public servants America can muster?  [Photo from N.Y. Daily News]

 BP CEO Tony Hayward takes his seat on Capitol Hill in Washington.

No way is the intention here to give BP a pass on the  responsibility it has to make amends for the ecological and economic damages it has caused, but the way an intelligent, responsible, purposeful fact-gathering investigation hearing ought to be conducted was not what transpired…

 Currently, more than at other recent times, there are numerous organizations and individuals operating outside of usual political party apparatus, independents and various groups generally labeled with the umbrella term of Tea Party Movement – these people seem to be fed-up with the incompetence and sheer shenanigans  of certain politicians…  Let’s see if the political anger of these groups and individuals increases and/or is  maintained from now until November…

If after the elections the voters sustain the current political status quo in America, despite all of the problems and embarrassments particular politicians have brought to the traditional fabric of the nation, it will be obvious that the current political anger did not last.…

[Inspiration for post from Patrick Sperry, “The Angry Tea Party: that’s putting it mildly”]


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  1. The major question regarding the upcoming fall elections is whether or not there are enough people fed up with the quality of our current Congressional members to vote them out of office.

    Maine has two Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, who have become increasingly ineffective through their determined efforts to present a “moderate image” and “cooperate” with their Democratic cohorts. Neither of the two is conservative, unfortunately, since their counterparts in the House are two flaming tax and spend Liberals. Consequently Maine, who has been under the ruinous rule of Democrats for over three decades, remains a financially poor state with a huge level of debt.

    Still, our voters have yet to vote for major change, with many state residents not even participating in elections. ‘Course they still complain loudly, as Patrick has pointed out on his blog.

    We desperately need to dethrone Obama, but Congress is in dire need of a good housecleaning. It will not happen, though, until a large portion of America deserts the “entitlement mentality” and begins to remind the politicians who they are supposed to be working for.

    • One of several things I gather from this is that if those who are upset about the status quo simply remain upset but do not vote for change everytime the opportunity arises, things will remain as they are. Very true.

  2. Yes. A “dog and pony” show.

  3. Dog and pony show is how I looked at it. Face it. Those were Federal minerals being extracted under Federal regulations that had approved all plans. Including emergency contingency plans.

    Congress and the obama are nothing but pigs flying around showing off their lipstick on this one.

    We need to demand better of our leaders.

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