Catastrophe in the Gulf: Person of the Week — Tony Hayward

PERSON OF THE WEEKTony Hayward…  As the public image of BP, he was and has been on the hot seat in more ways than one…  As to whether he is a villain or not, many have demonized him already…

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Rig on fire, leak 5,000 feet below:

                                Ocean on fire: 

 Creature from below:  File:BP oil spill still may 11 1240pm E.jpg

What happened to us?: 

                                          Tony Hayward testifies:  BP CEO Tony Hayward testifies about the BP oil ...


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  1. All of the rhetoric (including that exhibited at length by our microphone-loving members of Congress) is an impotent attempt to distract us from the fact that so very little has been done to combat the effects of this disaster. BP and its spokespeople obfuscate and the Obama Administration attempts to assign blame anywhere but on the White House and its utter failure to provide leadership and effective governmental aid.

    Offers of equipment and support by other nations, international oil companies and the private sector have been spurned by the administration or hopelessly mired in bureaucratic procedures.

    True leadership requires the making of decisions that will contribute to solving the issue – such actions have been sadly lacking. This is what we get when politics and greed are the most obvious motivators for industry and government.

    The solution? Hire/elect competent, ethical, experienced people to run the show and get rid of the ones who are so obviously disqualified.

  2. excellent point carol

  3. This oil spill is and continues to be a disaster. Having said that, let me go on record with this statement. CEO Tony Hayward is being credited with being the bad guy here. He does not have that much power. Mr Hayward is a company man, and now, fall guy. I personally find it a sure sign of character weakness when people “gang up” on an individual, pointing fingers and demanding his head. Where are the solutions? To what purpose are people so quick to assign blame? Smoke and mirrors, Caustic rhetoric is highly charged emotion and serves no useful purpose when it comes to solving problems. It does, however, keep the people engaged in verbal combat as the world spins out of control. We talk ourselves into oblivion.

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