The President has micromanaged the War in Afghanistan to the detriment of the nation and the military

Politicians micromanaging military operations, withdrawal deadlines and using the military as props for political campaigns — President Obama lost the War in Afghanistan when he set artificial timetables, micro managed the war by political committee, failed to understand that like it or not, Hamid Karzai is the President of Afghanistan (not his staff person), and when he failed to learn the failures of President Johnson in Vietnam …

Obviously, too, there are too many politicians in Congress and in the White House directing the war over there from P.R. “sound bites” and podiums over here, as well as too many politico-military brass in Washington surrounding the President, telling him what he wants to hear..

Having said that, if he is worth his salt, he will fire General McChrystal — and, altho’ from this end hope is that failure is not inevitable, it seems the President has lost Afghanistan, and Iraq is not yet a sure/success thing…. 

Men and women died…


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  1. I confess I dont know much about politics but I do believe that telling people of a day when the soldiers are coming out of battle helps the morale of the enemy and hurts the morale of American soldiers. That is not very smart, that is what I think. I like the sport page sites.Thank you.

  2. What I know is that running things by committe as it says is not good, but the way it is the President lets it because he did not have experience when he ran and hasn’t learned much. Compare to managing the oil spill solution same thing

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