Potpourri Pan America: Headline news — Obama to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants?/Afghan withdrawal deadline: are Americans dying in vain? And more


1.  Musical chairs with generals in Afghanistan, but the troop withdrawal deadline is still in place — good speech by Pres. Obama,but civilian component of strategy needs attention, and are Americans dying  in vain?       [Map from WorldAtlas.com]    

Map of Afghanistan, Asian Countries

2.   Amnesty for illlegal immigrants through presidential Executive Order?     — Pres.  Obama needs the Latino votes in November: will he stop at nothing to appease the Latino organizations to give them what they want?    

3.  Bolivia: Pres. Evo Morales continues  at work against the U.S.A.    — Pres. Morales still undermining American interests in South America: wants to kick the USAID out of Bolivia.          

 4.  CNN: Drug cartels threaten police officers in Nogales, Arizona  /  Video news report: drug cartels threaten police officers in Arizona  — Will Pres. Obama secure the border and keep Americans safe?                      

 6.   Hurricane season arrives in the Gulf of Mexico?  — and the Gulf leak still going…

7.    Obama Administration hostile to business    — Business Round Table thinks so…

8.  U.S.A.!  U.S.A.!  U.S.A.! — In South Africa, World Cup play, the United States team advances in dramatic fashion!


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  1. What a horribly interesting time we live in….nice summary of pretty much everything keeping me awake these days.

    • re “…horribly interesting time we live in.”…
      It is, at times “horribly interesting”… Nice phrasing…

  2. On May 12, on this page appeared the post “Plata o Plomo?”, having to do with cartels bribing/threatening police officials south of the U.S.A. border — after coming across the video and CNN article posted here today about threats to the Nogales, Arizona police (by drug cartel personnel), I reread the post… The dangers will grow or continue, it seems…

  3. The president has the right to make changes but I dont agree. A magazine writes something and he’s gone, yes the general could have been aware of what would be written but he was not violating an order from the president. I would not have let the magazine people follow us around.

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