Person of the Week: General Stan McChrystal

President Obama, General McChrystal and Ambassador Eikenberry, 2009 at the White House:

 For all his years of honorable service to the nation the general was selected this week, and he was also picked of course because he is the important person who lost his crucial job after an article appeared in Rolling Stones magazine, about which most know… 

But, more than just for that, and much more importantly, the selection was made: because the whole episode of which he is a major figure draws attention to the seemingly haphazard working structure in place in Afghanistan,  within which U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Eikenberry, General McChrystal and Special Envoy to Afghanistan/Pakistan Richard Holbrooke are forced to operate… 

A haphazard system imposed on these people by faraway politicians and politico-military brass in Washington D.C.


2 Responses

  1. It seems our boys and girls in the military are not getting good support from the civilian part of the team.

  2. One thing is for certain, General McChrystal has a place in our history books, more than a footnote, I would venture.
    By now, everyone knows that our president does not like to be confronted…his attitude of “my way or the highway” is well known. General McCrystal probably had no illusions about the expected outcome of the Rolling Stone article.
    There comes a time when people must make the decision to be truth-tellers, or keep their mouths shut. and wait for the pay-off.
    Guess which decision is a “soul-killer?”

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