Potpourri Pan America: Headline news – Russian spies arrested while America resets the button… Drug cartels kill and Governor Brewer calls out Pres. Obama… And more.


1.  Say it ain’t so — didn’t Pres. Obama say during his administration that Russia – U.S.A. relations had “reset”? — “Shocking”: wasn’t Russian Pres. Medvedev just here making nice and saying the same thing?   

2.  “Friend and partner” Russian leader has pulled the wool over Pres. Obama’s eyes? — maybe the U.S.A. has “reset” the button, but the Bear hasn’t…. Stay awake, people…

3.  Leading candidate slain by drug cartels — the drugs cartels are coming, the drug cartels are coming…  Or they are here already?        

4.  Street drugs destroy minority families, and NAACP wants marijuana legalized — where’s the sound logic? 

5.  Arizona Governor Brewer call out Pres. Obama — parts of America “occupied” by drug cartels? (Video) — the lady has gumption?…       

6.  Not all voting Latinos want Open Borders: will the Democrats be surprised? — can you see them?

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