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Person(s) of the Week



1.  The American combat militaryman/woman:  it has been written here and elsewhere that the nation’s voluntary military is stretched too thin fulfilling the missions with which it is burdened across the globe, and consequently is suffering from things such as never-ending  actual combat, from post combat stresses, from too many rotations and too many separations from family…  They deserve not only salutes from everyone, but from politicians they deserve sound and logical military policies — which they are not getting…

 2.  [Photo below from Huffington Post, Charlie Rangel]

 Charlie Rangel Punishment

Congressman Charlie Rangel:  A good example of what not to be as a people’s representative, and even a better example of why term limits are needed in Washington D.C., — he seems to be but one of several at the tip of the iceberg of incompetent, selfish and corrupt elected officials.

A fairly administered Military Draft would be an Asset

[The post below that appeared on this page on March 27, 2010,  is repeated because of the ongoing and current discussions here and elsewhere about the ramifications of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.]

Photo from Minnesota PR News:  Larger view

Currently The United States of America has a volunteer army, meaning military service is not required of anyone in the country…  For various reasons, because no compulsory service is demanded, what has evolved is that the nation’s military is made up of significant numbers of military personnel coming from limited segments of our society — upon whose shoulders are placed the responsibility and  hardship of fulfilling America’s military roles…  And that does not seem fair…

Unfair not only to the men and women on active duty who suffer the hardships and separation of war , but also to their families and communities from whence they come.

A military draft, much more fairly administered than has been done historically, might  infuse the military with additional beneficial perspectives and skill sets, as well as make every community and segment of American society feel the pain whenever a   “hot war” is raging.

Potpourri Pan America: Headline news — Reverse migrations?: will the Border Patrol give them a boost up and back over? And more.



[Photo from Wikipedia] 

1.   From Laredo, Texas, the Zetas are not in control — but the drug cartels ARE quite active on both sides of the border.

2.  Power of the drug cartels vs. the free press? — the bullets are mightier  than the pen?

3.  Chavez is actually changing or just wanted the reward? 

We’ll see…. 4.  Is there some reciprocity here? — U. S. assures Chavez no attack coming…

5.  If Paraguayan poor can do it, it could be done here? — show some American ingenuity…

6.  Good that Peru is fighting the drug problem — but why not buy American?

7.  Look out, maybe there will be some reverse migration — but what will be done about climbing the fence back?  Will the Border Patrol give them a boost up?

8.  Russian are selling and selling — I wonder if America is even making cold calls?

9.  How about some hard facts!  

10.  Or so they say.

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On Saturdays, the Person of the Week segment will continue…  Will be checking the boards on other days as time permits…  Thank you.

Persons of the Week: citizens of Bell, California // tax dodging U.S. Senator John Kerry

[Photo from A.P. and Yahoo News.]

A resident of Bell, Calif,. holds up a placard calling for the ouster of city officials during a special city council meeting, Thursday, July 22, 2010 

1. Citizens of  Bell, California:  who finally rebelled to force out 3 of their highly  overpaid public servants — yearly, the City manager was getting paid almost $800,000, the assistant City Manager almost $400,000 and the Police Chief almost $500, 000 (yes, that’s right)…  [The nucleus of the City Council  were being paid about $100,000 a year, individually!: their fate is still in limbo…]  Bell is a struggling bluecollar predominantly Latino community of about 40,000 in the vicinity of Los Angeles…

Maybe a little belatedly the Tea Party sentiment has arrived in Bell, but arrived nonetheless…   Power to the People… 

2. U.S. Sen. John Kerry (Mass.):  avoids paying taxes on luxury boat — he who as a senator seems to love making others pay taxes, reportedly bought a 76 foot sloop at a price of about $7,000,000, but to avoid his home state’s higher tax rates, he will dock it in Rhode Island where the taxes are much lower…  Pay up, senator!

Lev Davidovich Bronstein, aka Leon Trotsky, dead in Mexico in 1940

[Photo from Wikipedia]

Leon Trotsky was killed in a suburb of Mexico City, Mexico in 1940… He was Jewish, born Lev Davidovich Bronstein in 1879, in the Ukraine part of then Russia…

 Along with Vladimir Lenin, he had been one of the original leaders of the “Communist Movement” in Russia…  Eventually there was a dispute over the direction the political movement would take and he was exiled from Russia by strongman Joseph Stalin, who had assumed the leadership party position after Lenin died…

Trotsky settled in Mexico because in the lead-up to the Mexican Revolution of 1910 and after, Mexico was a hotbed of Marxist ideology and communist underground activity, and there he continued espousing his particular views of communism and his disagreement with the Bolshevik Russians… He might have felt safe there across the Atlantic, in a country then with a significant politically and economically influential Jewish community…

 But one Ramon Mercader, an agent for the Russian communists, in August of 1940 visited Trotsky under the guise of being a loyal supporter and without warning, with a small mountaineer’s pick ax inflicted mortal wounds on his target…   

On this page in the past there have been posts about the Russians currently being quite active in Central and South America, selling military arms and establishing political, economic and military cooperative agreements with various leftist leaders of these regions, with little or no apparent push-back from the United States of America…

 The Russian interest in the “New World”, from Alaska to Latin America, has been one of long standing…