President Obama’s “illegal immigration” speech was a disappointment overall?

Yesterday, President Obama gave a speech generally having to do with immigration…  It was much to do about nothing new…  It seemed as though he simply wanted to convince the Hispanic Caucus and some Latino activists that he was thinking of them so that in general they would work more to keep the Latino community working for him and his Party during the November Elections. 

But a presidential speech such as this one probably was expected by the target audience  members not simply as one to make them feel good,… which overall that speech did not even do…  What the target community expected to hear was that the president was going to push hard to have an immigration bill passed before the end of the year.  He did not say that, and thus he did not achieve his goal, it seems, of stirring the Latinos to action on his behalf and his Party’s.

Additionally, the presentation the president made seemed as though it had been cobbled together for the purpose, mainly, of giving a pep talk to Latinos so that they would believe he was working on their behalf and thus they would stay in his corner…  They were probably looking for a lot more, and so the effort fell short…

It appears from this end that the Latinos who last voted for President Obama, those  whom he was trying to reach in the community, are not going to be energized by this speech, and the Latinos who have not been in his corner, probably will be energized against him — so the speech was counterproductive…


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  1. As you indicate, there there seems to be an attempt to divide people via race, ethnicity, class, etc., and in the long run that of course does not help the country in the long run.

  2. Excellent evaluation, PanAm. I tried to listen to his speech and initially thought that perhaps he was going to make sense but after a few minutes as he rambled on and on it was apparent that he was indeed just trying to please everyone and failing to be convincing to anyone. The address was far too long and filled with inaccuracies (such as the statement that anyone born in the U.S. to parents who were here illegally would have to worry about deportation when they grew to adulthood).

    A typical Obama performance, resulting in widening the schisms that he has already created between different American groups.

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