Person of the Week: Michael Steele

Person of the Week:

Michael Steele — Republican Party Committee Chairperson.

In describing the Afghanistan War as a mistaken “…War of Obama’s choosing…”, Chairman   Steele commits another mistake that can be harmful to his party and beneficial to the opposition…  This episode is not the first instance where he has said or done something that undermines the positions of the elected officials of his party, and for that, he is selected as the person of the week — his actions can have a profound positive or negative effect on his party’s chances in the Fall elections, and it remains to be seen what will result from his words.

Could be that the Republican Party will shoot itself in the collective foot on account of the party chairman’s miscues, thereby blowing a good opportunity to make gains in November…

What he intended to say, probably, is that Obama is mishandling the conduct of the war…  Also, he and everybody ought to be aware that whether speaking before a “friendly” private crowd or not, people need to be prepared to be “taped”…


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  1. The Republican party does seem to have an unfortunate tendency toward self-inflicted wounds and this simply helps to further the concept that Washington is “broken” and needs fixing. Unless voters unite behind the idea of finding truly leaders who will act with the best interests of the country as a whole, then we will see the same problems over and over again.

    In this instance, the Republican leadership needs to take a lesson out of Obama’s playbook and immediately jettison Mr. Steele before further damage can be inflicted. They are loathe, of course, to remove this token black from their leadership profile and it would take political courage to make the adjustment. Hell, replace him with Condoleza Rice or Colin Powell and they would be ahead of the game.

  2. You are right about that…

  3. I’m suspicious of the number of mis-spoken words.
    What’s going on, are these speakers fully cognizant ? Maybe the fault lies with speech preparation? Shape up politicians; you are embarrassing us.

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