July 4, 1776

American Memory: Library of Congress — found at this link (link included also in the Education page of Pan American World) is information about America’s Independence Day, as well as countless other links pertaining to the nation’s history.

Yesterday went to an Independence Day celebration, and fireworks and music show, in a high school football stadium, still with an  old-time feeling…  The turnout was amazing…

Also, when the announcer asked that members in the audience of each of the branches of the armed service please stand for recognition, it was surprising how relatively few veterans apparently there are nowadays. — and the younger ones of course are in training or overseas…  As mentioned in this page awhile back, too, from personal observation,  membership in veterans’ organizations seems to be dwindling, for various reasons…


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  1. As a lifetime memeber of the VFW, I have also noted the dwindling memberships. WWII veterans were always the largest component of these organizations and they are dying at a rate of somewhere around 1,000 per day.

    Hopefully, we will have a new crop of patriotic veterans to fill their shoes in the coming years.


  2. The Vietnam veterans are dying at a prodigious rate.

    • Good observation, Carol. Many of us are near mid-60’s or beyond, so I suppose it is our turn at this point. Combat stress and other environmental issues will take a heavy toll, as I suspect veterans from the Middle East campaigns will also discover.

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