Potpourri Pan America: Headline news — Checks and balances needed here, and instability to the south


1.  Obama vs Supreme Court   — Checks and Balances needed more than ever because Congress is controlled by the executive Branch?  (Photo from Wikipedia)

2.  Violence next door    —  Mexican institutions threatened by drug cartels.         

3.  Venezuela   — continuing to stir up trouble against the United States? Story:  Venezuela, Chile to head new Latin American bloc…   (Minus  Canada and the U.S.A.)  

4.   Brazil also under attack   — a major country in South America and the world is also under attack by drug cartels?          



4 Responses

  1. Drug violence is exactly why we must start defending our borders. We must also refuse to employ politicians that try to make this anything other than a national security issue.

    When someone tries to argue with me that drug use is a victimless crime, I always ask them about all those heads people are finding in coolers down in Mexico.

  2. Good point(s). Dealing in a civilized manner with certain people and situations is truly difficult, as you suggest.

  3. Regarding “Violence Next Door” and “Brazil also under attack”: What can a society do to defend itself against such violence?
    I can think of a few things, none of them legal in a civilized society…maybe that is the problem? Attempting to remain civilized while dealing with uncivilized opponents.
    You know, if the government cannot deal with Iraq and Afghanistan swiftly, in a succtint manner, why think the drug cartel probelms will be any different?
    I think a paradoxal approach may be in order?

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