Politicizing American institutions to suit idealogue Obama’s views?

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Yesterday it became widely disseminated that the head of the  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Charles Bolden, was spreading the word to the Muslim World that under President Obama’s direction, his “… foremost’ mission as the head of America’s space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world.” – foremost-job-of-the-space-agency?

Even the nation’s space program does not seem to be immune to President Obama’s efforts at politicizing all segments of the government…  Previously on this page it has been suggested that Obama does not seem to understand(?) what America is and is not, and this NASA story is another example of why that suggestion has merit….. 

Shortly after the president took office, he made various overtures to the Muslim World, and in doing that he made it clear that he thought the U.S.A. had a history of continually wronging them, and additionally mentioned that this nation had undermined the government of Iran in the past –  in various way he has apologized and bowed to different leaders of different countries…

He also has tried to debase the concept of American Exceptionalism by claiming that America is not so because believing in exceptionalism makes America intolerant of others!  Even if President Obama does not see America as being exceptional, most people in this country and across the globe believe in its special place among nations — in times of need the U.S.A. continually is at the forefront of helping others around the world, and, there is no country in the World to whom continually more people of the world are drawn, than The United States of America: that in itself means something about Exceptionalism – but whether exceptional or not, it ought not be up to the elected leader of the nation to try to tear down the American concept of pride in one’s country…

President Obama seemingly has used Admiral Mullen as a political operative by approving/encouraging him to point out that the nation’s high deficit is a threat to national security, insinuating that taxes must be increased to protect our security…  But President Obama himself has been the cause of trillions of dollars being added to the debt by passing things such as the monstrous healthcare law…  Now he politicizes the military by having Mullen suggest raising taxes as a security measure!

 The list could be endless of examples of how agencies have been politicized, among them:

  1. Directing the Justice Department to drop the suit against the New Black Panthers who intimidated voters, and suing the state of Arizona – quite obviously done for political considerations geared to the November elections ( Secretary of State Clinton had made the announcement in Ecuador awhile back).
  2. Around the time Admiral Mullen spoke about the national debt being a security issue, special assistant Volcker made a similar claim, not coincidentally…
  3. Labor Secretary Solis also promised to help illegal workers get fair pay for their work (work they ought not be doing here.) – attempting to keep the Latino vote in November?.
  4. And more…

There are some who are too busy or too uncaring or too enamored of the president and his philosophy of government to see that President Obama seems to be going far beyond what most elected him to do…  Aside from that, some who still hate the former president intensely, will not question anything, believing that so long as Bush is not in office, anything goes and is all right… 

Short sightedness…


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  1. Rather than keeping his campaign promise to “bring the nation together”, Mr. Obama has polarized America like no other President has done.

    An excellent post.

  2. NASA logo retouched and your post — good way of looking at things and the person who prepared the logo did an outstanding job. I went to the Malkin site and she has some other good logos posted that were turned in.

  3. Great post PanAm. I could not believe my ears when I heard Bolden’s comments. I just did a bit of satire on this at my site, and had to work very hard to make it sound whackier than the real thing.

    You make an exceptional point in your piece however. This president politicizes everything. From border security and national security to NASA…everything is fair game.

    We can only hope that sooner or later the American electorate begins to smell him for the fish that he is.


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