Potpourri Pan America: Headline news – Elian Gonzalez, the Mexica Movement, Oliver Stone, Obama, Chavez and more


1.  The previous administration would be under attack   —  however advisable the program might have been, if it had instituted this.

 2.  The bear is still roaming  — looking for weaknesses, like in the Cold War, but the button has been reset, no?

 3.  Obama pledged a new relationship with Venezuela  — but has gotten little in return?   Oliver Stone gets into the act.

 4.  A different perspective, quite.   – Nican Tlaca: something to interpret and evaluate. Different/ be ready…

5.  Remembering:   Elian Gonzales –  Who is he and where is he now?


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  1. I would like to think that America will continue to exist as a country and a people who meld together under the concepts of freedom and the rule of law, no matter what our ethnic origin.

    I believe that Obama and his Marxist/Progressive agenda are not going to enjoy inevitable success, provided the voters are given sufficient information and encouragement to rebel against his policies and to insist that Congress do the same. Without the willing complicity of Congress, Obama and his enablers can be contained and defeated.

    Unification of opposition is the key, and in this the United States differs from most of the world in that our system of government – if followed and applied – will provide the structure for a free nation.

  2. Go figure the HuffPo piece was penned by Hayden. #1 oil importer to the USA is Canada. In fact they give more than the two leading OPEC producers,Saudi Arabia and Nigeria combined. Venezuela is #4 OPEC and 5th overall. All per EIA last qtr report ending Apr 10.
    @carol I’m curious about how you seem to have some sympathy for Nican Tiaca yet voice hope that a united entity under the Constitution prevails in the USA. ???

  3. “The redeeming feature of change within a society is education, encouragement and shared small successes. Progress is measurable”.

    Excellent synopsis! And when applied against the track record of the Obama Presidency?

    • If I tell you that I would like to be authentic with my response, please believe me. Read between my lines and see if we can come to an understanding:
      When the dust settles, I believe the current Obama mania will be quieted only, if, our attention turns to basic survival. The media is a special tool for the president and his staff, including his wife, to tighten his hold on those who have not had the advantage of Critical Thinking training.
      I hold out the hope that we, as a country, will survive, however, it will not be intact. Currently, our citizens are so diverse in culture, attitudes and values, we are not
      homoenous any longer.
      You want to know who the winners will be? the group with the most homogenous culture…when the dust settles. Hopefully that group’s matrix will be the US Constitution or some version thereof.
      We can’t change or charge the steamroller that is rolling over us,;we can get out of its way and make preparations for when it runs out of gas.

  4. Your comments are very interesting.

    • Interesting as in “Yeah!” or as in “Duh.” Tell me what the anonymous one considers interesting. This psychological moment interests me..

  5. I heard about this movement before I left California. I could support some of their claims, i.e. the adverse results of colonialism, the loss of homelands and resources.
    Realistically, no one else is going to look out for the rights of another country; if a society cannot protect their land from invasion, a stronger military will invade and collect the resources from the captive country. The Aztec society is a perfect example of a dominent culture. Their neighbors hated and feared them because of their collective strength , and then, there’s the “sacrifice” thing. The tribes whose members were rounded up for sacrifice probably were glad to see the Europeans’ arrival and the Aztecas departure. . The Romans ruled for, what, 200 years, who liked the Romans?

    If the Nican Tlaca want justice, they have a lot of work to do, begining with their children through education, nuturing, guidance and training. Reclaiming a lost identity through rhetoric will not work, remember the Black Panthers? If the leader is incapacitated, illness, etc. there is no one else to step up to continue leadership. Intensity suffers.

    The redeeming feature of change within a society is education, encouragement and shared small successes. Progress is measurable.

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