NAACP makes racism accusations seeking political advantage?

NAACP Black Americans make racism accusations for political benefit ?

Yes, the ugly image of racism seems to be alive and well in America — among some of the members of the NAACP at its convention

People who will do anything to try to keep political power are not necessarily White nor Black nor Chartreuse…  But by their discussions, comments and actions, a significant number of NAACP members seemingly wish figuratively to destroy members of other political groups by labeling them with a not politically correct term. 

Black politicians currently are enjoying great political success, but in the long run they run the risk of ruining things for themselves (and further eroding support for all politicians) by lowering political discussion to the level of street corner name-calling), so as to stifle dissenting views — if someone disagrees with their views, they are called racists, and claim that non Blacks call them the N word and spit on them…

Some Black and non Black politicians and educators even have stated that only Whites can be racists (that it is impossible for Blacks to be) – in that way at times scaring non Blacks from expressing legitimate concerns about the president’s politics, for example, lest they be labeled racists…  

By defining racism in terms that pointedly states that Black people cannot be racists, then relying on the created definition, certain Black people seem to feel free to act in racist manners while pointing at the definition to exclude themselves from the racist charge!…  How ingenious… 

Preposterous…  Calculating…  Scary…  Nearly unbelievable… 

President Obama and the NAACP ought to apologize to the American people for the divisiveness of the racism charade…  Whatever happened to “change we can believe in”?…

Change IS alive and well in America, though, but the racist charges at the NAACP is  not the kind of change all of those who voted for the president expected…

[Tea Party representatives condemn bigoted statements of the NAACP]


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  1. Manipulating others to do one’s will should be classified as a heinous crime. It removes all respect for a person’s “will” plus it assumes the one being manipulated does not have the intelligence to think for himself. There is no reason nor rationality, only bared emotions exposed, running amuck.

  2. In my opinion, this is political 3 Card Monty at its finest. The Dems are losing on every issue… health care, immigration, oil spills, Arizona law suit, immigration, jobs, spending….the list goes on and on.

    The only safe haven that they have is racial unrest. It is the tried and tested mortar of their party and they are playing their hand with reckless abandon.

    The sad thing is, knowing this, the Republicans are playing right into their hands. It is hard to watch.

    If we do not reclaim the debate soon, 2010 and 2012 may not be so easy.

    • Yeah, Chuck, some Repubs can ruin it for the whole, and then any possible chance for advances will disappear…

  3. The NAACP certainly has quantified the notion that bigots come in all sizes, colors, and races. Their unmitigated hypocrisy makes it ever more difficult for them to proclaim the moral high ground.

    How sad to watch the ongoing degeneration of an organization that once upon a time exemplified commitment and courage.

    • All this mess about racism from this organization is about getting their members angry so they can make their communities angry so they will vote how the organization wants them to vote. As you say, it is sad.

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