Obama will declare: Victory in Afghanistan on a timetable, or it’s Bush’s fault?

Considering the reported ongoing difficulties there, it seems from this vantage point that before too long President Obama is going to declare victory in Afghanistan, maybe sometime between the November Elections and next summer, when the first troops are scheduled to begin withdrawing from the country…

He is in a quandary, though, because he does not want the stigma of being the U.S. President who lost the Afghan War…  But when he initially set a deadline as to when to begin pulling troops out, and at the same time decided to go small in the deployment of needed troops while expanding the role of the military mission, he seemingly erred in a grand way, and that decision is squarely on his shoulders…

Given that the president has a tendency to avoid accepting responsibility, a long tendency to blame the previous administration for everything, it would be no surprise if his advisors have been at work from day one of his presidency drafting arguments on how best to blame President Bush for the Afghanistan failures of the Obama Administration…

Just sayin’…

[A humorously insightful read about President Obama failing to accept responsibility is the July 15, 2010, One Man’s Thoughts blog, by Chuck Green.  A sample: “Obama Is The Victim of Bush’s Failed Promises” — …”Yes, it’s all George Bush’s fault.  President Obama is nothing more than a puppet in the never-ending,  failed Bush administration.”…  And other more specific zingers… Thank you, “One Man…”: Chuck.]


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  1. Has anyone witnessed one of those “nasty” divorces where each spouse refuses to assume responsibility for the failed marriage? There is a lot of finger pointing and claims of blame with name-calling?

    How tiresome such diatribe can get. Well, as mainenowandthen stated, “the level of sophistication is simply not there…” nor is mannerly decorum. Maybe I am being redundant?

  2. As was once said about Vietnam, “We should just declare victory and go home”.

    It will be interesting to see how this strategy plays out for Obama, should he attempt to justify leaving Afghanistan by employing it.

    I’m not convinced that he has that level of sophistication when it comes to international issues.

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